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Purchase 20L CONVOCARE CONVOTHERM OVEN CLEANER NEUTRALISER - GREEN online from Arnold Products Limited.

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  • Once clean, it is imperative you sanitise and neutralise your oven to ensure any odours or bacteria are removed from your oven and do not affect the quality of your food. Sometime strong odours such as fish can linger in your oven and affect the taste of the food you cook. Our CONVOCare cleaner acts as a rinse aid to sanitise your oven after cleaning. ConvoCare  aids faster drying, ensures a hassle-free clean-up and helps acts as a neutraliser.
  • All of our Convotherm cleaning products, including our CONVOCarerinse aid, sanitiser and neutraliser, are environmentally friendly, meet ISO standards, are biodegradable and are Halal and Kosher certified.
  • Our range of Convotherm cleaning products are optimally balanced for use with all Convotherm combi steamers. Our CONVOCare cleaner is a rinse aid designed to be mixed with water in a manual sprayer to help you rinse and sanitise your oven after cleaning.
  • Convotherm ovens include  built-in automatic washing systems. Automatic washing systems are designed to remove the hassle of cleaning commercial ovens, by reducing the time spent cleaning and reducing contact with cleaning chemicals.
  • Our range of Convotherm cleaning products are designed to assist in the maintenance and cleaning of our Convotherm products and can be used with built-in automatic washing systems as well as spot cleaning in a manual sprayer.


  • Cleaning, Sanitising and Neutralising your Oven; while spillages are not always avoidable and will inevitably happen, it is imperative that your kitchen staff are trained and equipped to deal with such situations to prevent a build-up of grease, dirt and food deposits in your ovens.
  • When it comes to your commercial kitchen it is imperative you keep your ovens, kitchen equipment and workstations clean. Keeping your kitchen and particularly your oven clean and sanitised is part of your duty as a commercial kitchen under health and safety standards and the requirements of your insurance policies.
  • Aside from legislation, keeping your oven clean can help prevent the risk of fire, prolong the life of your equipment, improve energy efficiency and maintain food quality. For these reasons, it is imperative that you perform regular cleaning and maintenance of your oven and keep up to date records of all cleaning and maintenance activities to ensure you meet legislation and insurance requirements.
  • Failure to keep your oven clean can lead to a build-up of grease, grime and food deposits, which over time will continue to cook and burn and could create an unpleasant smell not only in your oven, but in your kitchen. Charred or burnt meat and fish could contain cancer causing compounds being present in your oven.
  • Allowing grease and food deposits to build-up in your oven can become a fire risk, as there is a greater chance of fire occurring. Grease and dirt build-up in ovens are amongst the most common causes of fire in commercial kitchens. Not only a fire risk, a dirty oven will take longer to reach the desired temperature and will distribute heat less evenly, resulting in decreased energy efficiency and unevenly cooked food.

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