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These dangerous goods industry best practice solutions, are designed for worst case scenarios. They ensure employees can respond quickly and appropriately in the event of an emergency or a potential hazard. They include; safety showersPPE gear and bodily fluid clean up through to sorbent socks for aggressive chemicals, and marine safety products which have proven their worth when waterways and aquatic life are threatened.

That’s at the extreme end of things.

At the same time, there are also Controlco sorbent products to help clean up everyday workshop and assembly line leaks and spills; avoiding slips and possible contamination, and keeping worksites tidy and efficient. Controlco Sorbent Padsrollssocks and pillows provide fast, effective spill control. And the pads are great for day-to-day use and to clean Spill Trays and other containment products.

The Controlco range is deliberately over-designed for optimum performance in critical situations. The go-to products are the spill kits. If there isn’t at least one already on sites with dangerous goods, there absolutely should be. They range from large Mobile Spill Kits for big worksites to specialist Biosecurity Spill Kits, and Workshop, and Vehicle Spill Kits. Seriously, get some now.

Our marine products are among some of the most impressive out there; controlling oil spills in water, protecting storm water drains and potentially saving many thousands of dollars and damage to companies’ reputations if the contaminants aren’t contained.

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