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Trim, Slim, Ultra, Interfold, Centre feed, Autosense. None of this making any sense? Green etc -What does it all mean??  

What’s the difference?
towels are the most popular medium size.
Width between Trim (small) and Interfold (extra wide).
Ultra are a med width but have s extra length with 5 folds while slim are 3 fold. Centrefeed sit vertically and pull from the middle of the roll while auto sense sit horizontally and pull like a standard toilet roll.

What’s best for you?  
Slim are ideal in most situations. Trim are ideal for small spaces. Ultra are ideal where a longer towel is desired which can avoid use of another extra towel. However keep in mind with the extra folds in the same dispensers as slim, not as many will fit. Though need to refill should be the same if number of towels used is actually reduced. If space allows, a taller dispenser option is available. Centrefeed are ideal for workshops or fuel stations as disposable tissue wipe. Autosense are idea for washrooms with higher volumes of traffic and are much more hygienic that those pull towel rolls (manual cut and autosense dispenser options)

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