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Purchase 1L CONVERT N SEAL FOR RUST online from Arnold Products Limited.

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Brief Description


Technical Notes

Convert n Seal is cost effective with minimum surface preparation and low maintenance and can be applied to either wet or dry surfaces


How does it work?

Essentially rust is a ferric hydroxide or iron which has reacted with oxygen and moisture with subsequent corrosion developing.  Rust corrosion can be prevented by coating with film that is virtually impervious to water and oxygen. It has been shown that even the most impermeable paint or other coating cannot prevent rust corrosion completely. Convert n Seal effectively prevents introduction of moisture and oxygen to ferrous surfaces as well as electrochemical reactions with the formation of the impervious layer thus ensuring the best protection over an extended period of time.


Important notes:

1.    Please remove grease and scale before use

2.    Shake well before use

3.    Don’t put applicator paint brush used back into product container – pour into and work from another

4.    Seal well after use



1.    Remove flaky rust scales, all old paint and dirt with a wire brush – if sandblasting is necessary, allow surface rust to reappear before applying.

2.    Apply Convert n Seal via brush or spray evenly over surface to be treated. Surface will change colour to pale Green and finally turn black. Conversion is complete when surface is touch-dry, in 10-15min.  Fully cured in 2-3 hours and ready for a subsequent coating or overpainting.

3.    If the surfaces are contaminated with oil, grease, or alkali – remove with detergent and water

4.    Drying time is lengthened by humid conditions such as tropics, cellars, inside tanks and other contained areas. Drying time can be shortened by the continuous circulation of dry warm air.

5.    Tannin staining through some subsequent water borne coats may occur.



Inland atmosphere – apply one coat of Convert n Seal. Highly corrosive atmosphere (ocean, tropical, chemical etc) – Apply two coats and then over coat with suitable paint such as epoxy, chlorinated rubber polyurethane alkalyd, or vinyl. Temperatures – should not be applied to cold metal below 5 degrees Celsius or hot metal above 40 degrees Celsius. 



This product is non toxic, non hazardous, fire resistant and virtually odourless to ensure safe use



Arnold Products have prepared the above data to the best of our knowledge. The above data in no way represents a warranty to the effect(s) of such use(s), (including damage or injury), or the results obtained. 

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