Envionmental policy

Cleaning process impacting the environment
Correct and informed use, Education & Support

We are one of a few companies making our own products and as a team we have a great deal of knowledge. Our suppliers also contribute to this knowledge and we are a member of Responsible Care New Zealand – the chemical advisory body to govt and industry. Our Environmental Focus has been quite different from any of our competitors. We believe that any cleaning product or a cleaning process has an impact on the environment. Correct and informed use is a critical part of cleaning. Education and support are critical to this. Too often product is misused or overused.

Continuous improvement & results
New ingredients from sustainable sources

Most of our cleaning products are made on site and tested in use by our staff. Continuous improvement is a key part of what we do – new generation ingredients from sustainable sources form the foundations of new products and we are actively re-engineering existing products to use these ingredients. This is obviously a journey and should never be treated as a destination. We use real knowledge when evaluating these new ingredients (one of the greatest environmental tragedies has come about through the “eco” fad and the massive demand for palm oil that this generated). We are continuously working with our customers to evaluate the results from our products – through service and education. We provide knowledge and support alongside our products (not just the sale of the product as too often happens when products are treated as simple commodities).

Forestry Stewardship Certification
Our paper products are from suppliers that subscribe to the Forestry Stewardship Certification. And indeed we use New Zealand based companies for our supplies and of those our preferred companies share the same environmental commitment as we do.

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