How to care for your vacuum

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We recommend never using your vacuum bagless, as the dust puts stress on your motor which shortens its life and causes other problems. Despite the claim that vacuums can be used “bagless” the filter basket is really for vacuuming course objects to save room in the vacuum bag but is ideally another buffer between dust accumulating in the bag below and the motor opposite the filter basket for optimum protection of your motor.


Cleaning filters

Wash with plain water (or with deoderiser to remove any smells – try our supress) and rinse thoughroughly. It is very important these are completely dry before putting back in the vacuum

Cleaning the brush holder or agitator
Refer to the user manual on how to remove and remove hair and fibre build up with a Stanley knife by slicing down it in two places. Following that remove the bearing end caps and check for any blockage (this prevents them melting and causing other permanent damage).

Maintaining airflow
Change bags when full even if they retain good suction as they rely on airflow through them which cools the motor to prevent premature motor failure.
Check for blockages in the floor tool pole by dropping a coin down it.
Check your hose and fittings for damage like a slip in the hose 


Protecting & maintaining the plastics on the vacuum
Try using our newly designed product called protect it which puts oils back into the plastics and acts as a future guarding agent. It can also be used to help protect the metal components.


We highly recommend using the vacuum retainer clip withack vacuums. These take the strain off the cord and help prevent it from being accidentally pulled out the back of the backpack. The circular key-ring part is clipped onto the backpack strap and the cord is to go through the bottom hole and over the triangle holder with some slack of the cord between the vacuum and clip. Please see image below on how the retainer clip is fitted. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us. 


Too much friction on the floor tool?
This may be due to black build up on the glide plateTry using our product called Action to remove the dirt, and if friction still persists try using a silicon spray for ease of movement

Avoid pulling on the cord to remove from the wall, instead remove by the plug head to prevent damage to the cable 

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