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Purchase 2KG BKT OF PINDONE RAT BAIT online from Arnold Products Limited.

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Brief Description


Technical Notes

  • Pindone P&R is a first generation anticoagulant poison cereal based pellet and does not pose the same secondary poison risk as second generation anticoagulants.
  • Because of its low toxicity, Pindone will not be very effective on mice.
  • Approved for use in bait stations on conservation land and suitable for use in sensitive environments.
  • Very low risk of primary or secondary poisoning to domestic pets and native wildlife.
  • It is slow acting and has an antidote, Vitamin K, should a domestic pet or working dog be accidently poisoned.
  • The bait is dyed green to deter birds and other native wildlife.
  • A very cost-effective way to control rats.  The rats do not become "bait shy" and will feed until they die.
  • Use in a Pied Piper bait station, manufactured especially for rat pellet baits.
  • Suitable for low to medium possum infestations.
  • You don’t need to obtain a license for use within a bait station.
  • A CSL licence is required for aerial or broadcasting.
  • Active Ingredient: 0.5g/kg Pivalyn

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